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the Sehnsucht blog

Sehnsucht (n., German): an inconsolable longing of the heart for we know not what {C.S. Lewis}


How can we help you?

My vision for this space is so much bigger than just me, or a platform for my voice - it is designed to be a community and a resource, too. Maybe you need some accountability and structure in your personal Bible reading. Maybe you're tired of superficial Bible studies and want to learn how to go deep. Maybe you are looking for permission to ask God the hard questions.

Maybe you're ready to find the Answer to the inconsolable longings of your heart.

I care deeply about empowering you to know and study the Bible, so that you can know and live by the truth of who God is -
so that you can know and abide in your whole, victorious identity as a co-heir with Christ.

I'm Hallie - the Sehnsucht blog


I'm Hallie, and I'm here because I have a longing to know God, and to create an authentic and meaningful community of believers whose hearts ache for the same.

I believe that the Bible is the story of who God is.

I believe that who God is defines who I am.

I believe that this is the Gospel - that this changes everything. That this alone gives an answer to the inconsolable longings of my heart.


I believe...

  • That the Bible is the holy and inerrant Word of God, and exists to teach and remind us who our God is, to equip the saints to serve Him, and to act as the final authority on all matters of our faith.
  • That our God is three distinct and unique Persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - within one God, whose name is Yahweh.
  • That Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God who came to restore relationship between humanity and the Father, and that by His death and resurrection He made once for all the perfect, complete, and acceptable sacrifice for sin on our behalf.