How to read through the Bible in 180 days

Are you ready to read the Bible in 180 days?

I know it seems like a really big task - but with a little accountability and a lot of encouragement, we can do it! Here's what you will receive when you sign up:

  • the complete reading plan to get from Genesis through Revelation in exactly 180 days (with weekly days of rest!)

  • accountability emails to keep you on track each week

  • my favorite study tools & resources each and every week to help you get the most out of the experience

Sanctify them by the truth; Your Word is truth. {John 17:17}

Want to dig even deeper?

Introducing the Bible180 Challenge Journal

Maybe you don’t just want to read through the Bible. You want to learn it. Study it. Dig into it.

Or maybe you just don’t want your accountability to be tied to checking your email or getting into a Facebook group. I understand! Some things are far better without technology, and for me, reading through the Bible is one of them.

You are the reason I created the exclusive Bible180 challenge journal. This tool will help you not only persevere through the full 180-day challenge, but also build a solid foundation of Biblical literacy while you’re at it. You won’t just read for the sake of reading - you’ll read for the purpose of deeper study, you’ll get to know God and His Story better, and you’ll build daily on your understanding of the Bible as a whole.

These also make thoughtful and practical gifts, just in time for the new year.

You can absolutely do the Bible180 challenge without this journal. One of the blessings we praise God for as Western Christians is FREE access to the reading of God’s Word. But if you think this is a tool that could help you along the way, order yours here.

what others are saying...

"I'm loving the weekly emails and the reading schedule. I'm really into the Bible as I've never been before and I'm loving it! Thank you for doing this!!"

- Karen D.

"Wow! I feel like a grain of sand... the tiniest... in awe of GOD. This journey is giving me so much insight into what I have believed in the past and what I know to be TRUE now."

- Susan M.

"I didn't used to get excited to read the Bible. Now I am eager every day to crack it open."

- Renee N.