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an inconsolable longing of the heart for we know not what {c.s. lewis}


We believe

That the Bible is the story of who God is, and that who God is changes everything.

Do you feel it, too? That twinging ache . . . the emptiness, the sense that there's more. More to life. More to church. More to walking with God.

Here, we ask the hard questions - and then sit in stillness with the responses God gives.

We seek not a trite, idealized contentment, but a real understanding of why we seem created to be a little bit disappointed with this life.


You are not alone.


I'm Hallie

and I'm here because I have a longing to know God, and to create an authentic and meaningful community of believers whose hearts ache for the same.

I believe that the Bible is the story of who God is.

I believe that who God is defines who I am.

I believe that this is the Gospel - that this changes everything. That this alone gives an answer to the inconsolable longings of my heart.


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